Put a Cover Over Your Pergola Roof

Like it or not pergolas really have a weakness. Think it over for a moment and you will definitely figure it out. It’s something you will most likely see instantly when you look at this structure carefully. It’s right there, it has been right there and will always be right there – at least until you do something about it.

It’s not that hard to see. When you think it over carefully it’ll make sense. Want a hint? Try to look up. That’s right, you got it. The weakness is with the pergola roofing.

See it and let me know what you see. You will find the sun filtering through it right? What does that mean for you? Well its fine if it’s just sunny out because it’s dry but don’t plan to stay dry when it rains because you will get wet. It’s as basic as that.

Aside from that one weakness there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this simple yet elegant garden structure. It’s a simple structure any which way you see it – four posts supporting a crossbeam roofing structure.

It’s a roof however it isn’t since the crossbeams are evenly spaced apart. As the crossbeams provide you with shade the gaps in between allow for sunlight to pass through as already mentioned above.

This openness gives pergolas the ability to enhance the space it’s on without really confining it because there’s really nothing on it that will confine space. Even when you put a trellis wall on the sides and on top you’ll still get that open air feeling.

Nowadays, because a wide range of people like the pergola in their gardens but prefer it to be more useful during inclement weather, we have seen many add-ons created and one that’s natural that can give you the cover you crave without detracting from the appeal of the structure.

The most convenient and most natural is the cover. By putting trellis framing on the side and on top you could make a place for climbing plants and flowers to cling to. Once there are enough of them they form a natural roof which can help to provide you protection in all but the most robust rain showers.

If you totally desire a full cover you can get retractable fabric canopy you could add while you’re building a pergola or after if you already have one up in your backyard. These canopies are created from tough, weather resistant synthetic fabrics with a mechanism that permits you to open or retract them as required.

If you rather not be troubled with needing to open or close the roof covers simply get yourself a permanent one. These are panels that you attach directly to the crossbeam members. They are often made of metal, either stainless steel or aluminum sheeting, or fiberglass and plastic. The metal ones can be found in different colors and can easily be cut to correspond to the size of your pergola. They are solid so you won’t be capable of getting any sunlight through.

The fiberglass and plastic one’s are thinner and more opaque. They allow light to still go through while blocking the UV rays so it doesn’t get that hot underneath. And since they’re still solid they protect you from the rain so that you can enjoy being under your pergola come rain or shine.


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